Tables and Chairs

Red Diamond Party Rentals offers table and chair rentals in Tucson. We have a variety of options to fit all of your needs. Tables and chairs may be some of the most important things that you need at your event. We will do our best to get you exactly what you need.

Below is a list of our current table and chair rentals. We are constantly updating and adding items to our inventory, so if you don't see what you need, just ask. If we don't have it, chances are we know someone who does!

Table and Chair Rentals in Tucson

White Resin

White Resin Chair
$3.00 each

This chair brings a classy look to any event. It is especially great for weddings and has all the style...

black resin chair

Black Resin Chair
$3.00 each

This chair is perfect for a corporate or formal event. It has a black resin frame with matching pad on the seat.

Plastic metal chair

Plastic Metal Chair
$1.85 each

A great all around chair for any meeting, wedding, or event. It has a metal frame with plastic...

Fruitwood chair

Fruitwood Chair
$3.50 each

This chair goes great with the Tucson landscape and will bring a fashionable look to any indoor...

Chiavari Chair

Gold Chiavari Chair
$8.50 each

If you’re looking to really glamour up your wedding or event, look no further than the chiavari chair.

Silver Chiavari Chair

Silver Chiavari Chair
$8.50 each

The silver chiavari chair has an elegant styling and is ideal for weddings and other special events...

Fruitwood Chiavari Chair

Fruitwood Chiavari Chair
$8.50 each

The fruitwood chiavari chair can be used for both your rustic styled events as well as bring a stylish...

Ghost Chair

Ghost Chair
$10.00 each

The Ghost Chair has a transparent crystal finish. It is a modern style chair that will highlight your decor...

cross back

Fruitwood Resin Cross-back Chair
$10.00 each

The cross back resin chairs can pair with both your rustic or elegant decor, they go great with our...

Red Diamond Table Rentals

60" Round Table

60” Round Table                                  $10.00 each

Our most popular size table used for all events. This table sits 8 people comfortably and can sit...

72 Round

72” Round Table                                      $13.50 each

Our largest table seats more guests and provides you with additional room if you have large centerpieces...

48" Round Table

48” Round Table                                    $9.50 each

This table is smaller and will provide a more intimate setting. The table has a hard plastic molded top...

8' Banquet Table

8’ Banquet Table                                    $10.00 each

A table perfect for food tables, gift tables, beverage tables, etc… It also makes a great guest table...

6' Banquet Table

6’ Banquet Table                                    $9.00 each

This table is great for all uses including cake table, guests’ tables, sweetheart table, food tables, etc….

36 Round Table

36” Round Table                                    $9.50 each

If you have limited space, this table will work great. This table can sit a maximum of 4 guests. Additionally...

30 Inch Cocktail Table

Cocktail Table (Plastic)                          $10.50 each

The cocktail table is great for mingling and socializing. It...

Cocktail Table Wood

Cocktail Table (Wood)                          $12.00 each

The cocktail table is great for mingling and socializing. It...

Wood Farm Table

Wood Farm Table                                  $69.00 each

This wood farm table has a great look and can give you...

More About Table and Chair Rentals in Tucson

Whether you're celebrating a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding, Red Diamond will focus on all of the details for your party, so that you don't have to. We have everything you need, including dance floors, heaters, linens, and Table and chair rentals.