Dinner / Serverware

Below is a list of our current party rental products. We are constantly updating and adding items to our inventory, so if you don't see what you need, just ask. If we don't have it, chances are we know someone who does!

Red Diamond Dinner / Serverware Rentals

Party Rental Dishes

Dinnerware Rentals

Dinner Plate:   $0.85 ea
Salad Plate:      $0.85 ea
Dessert Plate:  $0.85 ea
Soup Bowl:       $0.85 ea
Set of 4:             $3.30 ea

Chafing Dish

Chafing Dish
$19.50 ea

The chafing dish is stainless steel with a removable lid. Also, it is 8 quarts with a 2" pan (comes with 2 sternos).

Glass Charger Plate with Gold Rim

Glass Charger Plate with Gold Rim
$5.00 ea

This glass charger plate with gold rim will really glamour up any event.

Party Rental Glasses

Glass Rentals

Water Goblet:            $0.75 ea
Wine Glass:                $0.75 ea
Champagne Glass:  $0.75 ea
Coffee Mug:               $0.75 ea
Water Pitcher:           $2.00 ea

Party Rental Beverage Dispenser

Beverage Dispenser
$15.00 ea

We have various styles of beverage dispensers. 3 gallon and 4.7 gallon available.

Glass Charger Plate Peacock Gold

Peacock Gold Glass Charger Plate
$5.00 ea

This glass charger plate with peacock gold design will bring a unique and dramatic style to any event.

Party Rental Silverware

Silverware Rentals

Dinner Knife:               $0.65 ea
Dinner Fork:                $0.65 ea
Salad/Dessert Fork:   $0.65 ea
Spoon:                           $0.65 ea
Set of 4:                         $2.50 ea

Party Rental Coffee Urn

Coffee Urn
100 cup: $45 / 40 cup: $30

This is a coffee percolator and does all the work for you, just bring your favorite coffee beans.

Glass Charger Plate Silver Beaded

Glass Charger Plate with Silver Beaded Rim $5.00 ea

This glass charger plate with silver beaded rim has an elegant look and will complement many decors and color schemes.